Custom Cake Design

„How do I order one of your cakes?“

An excellent question we get asked frequently. We put together a step-by-step guide for you to easily get your perfect cake.
No matter the occasion – the process is always the same.



1. When to order?

We have a limited capacity for custom-made cakes each week. This is why we recommend to order as early as possible:

  • From October to April: At least 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • From the end of April to the end of September (= wedding season): Several weeks to months. Weddings are usually planned way ahead of time. Certain calendar weeks (especially in June and September) may already be fully booked months in advance.

Our vegan cinnamon rolls are available on Fridays (Cinnamon Roll Friday) and simple cakes without decoration can be ordered from the webshop within 3 days.

2. Specify Details

DATE of the occasion
Please note: We are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Pickup and delivery will NOT be possible on those days.

LOCATION of the occasion
For delivery, we need the venue address. Click here for more information regarding delivery.

SIZE of the cake
= number of servings. Minimum order size: 20 servings.
To get an impression of how many tiers your cake will have, click here for the Servings Guide.

DESIGN of the cake

  • Which style do you/does the recipient of the cake prefer?
  • Would you like your cake to be covered with fondant (= sugar paste)?
  • What kind of decoration would you like to have on your cake?
  • Which colours do you/does the recipient of the cake prefer? Is there a colour scheme?
  • Does the occasion have a certain theme?

If you don’t have any specific design in mind, let us inspire you! You can find a small assortment of designs in our web gallery. For more inspiration, find us on Facebook or Instagram.

FLAVOUR of the cake
Since the flavour of your cake is at least as important as the design, we have a variety of cake flavours for you to choose from.
For further information regarding cake tasting, see point 5 “Cake Tasting” further below.

3. Inquiry

Please send your inquiry via our English online form. You can also send images of cakes you like.
We answer every inquiry. If you do not receive a response within 5 work days, please check your junk mail folder. Especially with Hotmail addresses, our e-mails are frequently moved there.

4. Discussion of Details

If we have no further questions regarding your inquiry, we will send you an offer within the following days.

If any questions pop up, we will get in touch via e-mail or phone. This is standard for birthday cakes, christening cakes or other small cakes.

For larger cakes (such as wedding cakes, cakes for company events etc.) we recommend to book an appointment. Until further notice, these appointments take place online via Zoom.

5. Cake Tasting

If you would like to taste our cakes, you can pick up a tasting box on a specified pickup date. It contains samples of our 10 most popular cakes for 2 people. You can get it for € 39,00.

This amount will be credited to your invoice for purchases from € 500,00 (delivery not included). As we prepare each box individually, cancellation or rescheduling is only possible until 24 hours before pickup.

6. Offer

When all details regarding your cake have been discussed, we will send you an offer via e-mail.

Since each offer is calculated individually and this takes some time, we are happy to create 1 free offer for the design discussed.

7. Order Confirmation & Booking Guarantee

To accept our offer, please send us an e-mail to confirm your order. To guarantee the booking, a deposit of 50% is due in advance, the balance being due 1-2 weeks prior to delivery/pickup. Orders placed less than two weeks in advance require payment in full at the time of ordering.


Pricing Information

Since custom-made cakes are unique, there is no price list. The manufacturing of these cakes requires different amounts of time and resources, depending on size and decoration.

Minimum order size for custom designs: 20 servings

  • Round cakes covered in fondant: from € 11,00 per serving
  • Round cakes without fondant: from € 10,00 per serving
  • Sculpted cakes/3D cakes: from € 350,00 per cake

Don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry for your desired cake. We are happy to send you an offer!

NOTE on Copyrights

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer cakes with decoration or designs under trademark/copyright protection, i.e., comic book characters, logos, designer brands, etc.

You are the trademark owner and give us your explicit permission for free usage or you have written consent of the trademark owner for free usage.

We also have various designs along with prices in our collection.